Advertising Package Three

Advertising Package Three


The Complete Package

Combine both package 1 and 2 for a 25% saving.

For the greatest effectiveness in increasing the duration for purchase potential, we recommend grouping packages 4 and 5.  And we offer a 25% discount if you do so.

You get a 15 second video outlining your property’s points of difference with short bursts of text and imagery and a customised static avert that highlights your special offer.

Week 1:

  • Posted to Facebook
  • Added on your business page.
  • Instagram. (also placed in Instagram story for 24 hours).
  • Placed on our main landing page for one week.
  • Posted in fortnightly newsletter.

Week 2:

  • Placed on our main landing page as the offer of the week.
  • Posted to Facebook, your listing page and Instagram.
  • Your post is pinned to the Facebook Page and Group and added as an Instagram story.
  • Posted in fortnightly newsletter.
  • Posted on your listing.

Our research shows that our audience takes their time to complete a reservation and are less impulsive. First they reassure themselves that they will feel comfortable staying at your property, second they consider the location and uniqueness, then, finally, they decide to book.

Note, our research shows that for maximum impact, a video is best with no sound and around 15 seconds duration

advertise people with disabilities and baby boomers

Package Cost: $486.00 (plus GST)

(20% saving).

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