The Accessible Group

The Accessible Group

Submit your accessible property, service business or experience for listing on Accessible Accommodation or Accessible Experiences.

The Accessible Group

Submit your accessible property, service business or experience for listing on Accessible Accommodation or Accessible Experiences.

Why Should You Submit Your Property or Business?

Accessible Accommodation: a portal to help find suitable accommodation or services that cater to the travel needs of people with disabilities, as well as the ageing Baby Boomer generation. No longer are people with disabilities relegated to the “too hard basket”. They are your next customer ready to check in at your accommodation or use your services, spend more & leave a great review.

Accessible Experiences: a portal to help find experiences or activities that cater for people with disabilities, as well as the ageing Baby Boomer generation.

Have you tapped into these opportunities?

Increase income potential by reaching a fast-growing audience.

Travellers with a disability represents a greater share of our population than you may realise, and they spend more. Baby boomers require safe accessible accommodation and experiences too! 

Fact: People with a disability are now travelling much more. Tourism Research Australia estimates that 1.3 million Australians with disability have taken at least one domestic day or overnight trip in the previous two years.

With an ageing population, the disability sector is expected to grow significantly. By 2050, a quarter of the population will be aged 65 years or over. Currently, around 20% of Australian adults have a disability or long-term health condition. Combine this with increased life expectancy & we will see a greater demand for accessible & inclusive tourism.

A cost-effective marketing tool.

You have three options:

1. Integrate into our Booking Platform whereby a small % commission is taken per booking.


2. Your property, service or experience is listed for a low yearly fee.

3. Exclusively managed. No upfront costs. We manage marketing, enquiries bookings and payments.

You can choose to purchase advertising packages at any time when you want that additional boost for your business. (We take care of the art work)

 You can check out the advertising packages from the menu at the top of this page.

Active social media expertise.

We’re continuing to build a cult following of travellers who need Accessible Accommodation, services and experiences, and who actively engage with us. You can access this fast-growing community. 

Repeat customers and more positive reviews

Fact: It is far easier & cost-effective to keep a customer than find a new one.  Achieve a better experience for visitors, resulting in even better reviews for your business.

Travellers with a disability who require Accessible Accommodation & Experiences spend far more time researching to determine is the place is right for them. Our point of difference is the level of detail we go to. If “what you see is exactly what you get”, there is a greatly reduced chance of disappointment. There is a greatly increased chance of an awesome experience, and therefore a fantastic review.

A far bigger chance of repeat customers.

We have found that guests requiring accessibility are 5 times more likely to re book with us and return again and again. They are generally risk-averse and feel more secure returning to what they are familiar with. Furthermore, they share their experience with other people with disabilities.

There isn’t simply a “one size fits all.” Disability comes in all shapes and forms.

Accessible Accommodation and Experiences Come In All Varieties As Well

Because everyone's needs differ, we spent a lot of time behind the scenes building a great search function for the website that will help users narrow down their search. We also have categorised differing needs to assist in narrowing users search. The icons below will also help.

Assisted Wheelchair User

Where a person is unable to lift themselves and require the assistance of a carer or family member to get in and out of bed and bathing.​

Independent Wheelchair User

Suitable for wheelchair users who can lift themselves in and out of wheelchair to bed and toilet (with assistance of fixtures & equipment)

Assisted Walking (e.g.Frame/ Cane)

Where a person is able to walk a few steps, and/or can partly walk unassisted. Guests would benefit from partial accessibility.


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