Accessible Tourism Accreditation Program


Accessible Tourism Accreditation Program – the gold standard for the Tourism Industry.

Travelers with disabilities often face uncertainty when choosing accommodations due to a lack of accurate and current accessibility information.

The ‘Accessible Tourism Accreditation Program’ Seal of Approval changes this by building trust and confidence among these travellers.

This prestigious program rigorously assesses and accredits accommodations, ensuring they meet high standards of accessibility across three tiers. When a hotel, resort, Holiday House or holiday park displays this seal, it signifies that their accessible features have been thoroughly vetted and are consistently maintained.

This assurance, backed by a credible and recognized program, eliminates the guesswork for travellers with disabilities, empowering them to make informed decisions confidently. It showcases a commitment to transparency and reliability in accessibility information, fostering a more inclusive and trustworthy travel experience.

For tourism operators, it provides peace of mind by clearly indicating their standing in terms of accessibility, making it easier to attract and retain guests with disabilities. Participating in this program not only enhances guest satisfaction but also positions your business as a leader in accessibility and inclusivity.

Whether you are a hotel, motrl, holiday park, AIRBNB, holiday rental or even a glamping or houseboat operator, join Accessible Accommodation’s Tourism Accreditation Program today.


accessible qualified program for tourism operators


The Accessible Accommodation’s Accessible Qualified Accreditation program is highly beneficial for tourism accommodation operators for several reasons.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Participate

1. Broader Customer Base:

Joining our Accessible Qualified Program enables tourism businesses to attract a wider audience, including guests with disabilities, thereby expanding their market reach, and therefore boosting your occupancy rate.

2. Guests Book Directly To You:

Although we prefer guests to book through our website (using our direct booking functionality), many use it to gather reliable information before directly contacting the property or experience provider. The investment, equivalent to a standard one night’s stay, is money well spent.

3. Competitive Advantage:

Differentiate your business from your competitors. Being ‘Accessible Qualified’ is a key decision factor for travellers with specific accessibility needs.

4. Adoption by ATDW:

With our Accessible Qualified Program now part of the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW), you can indicate your qualification on your ATDW listing to enhance visibility to tourism offices.

5. Enhanced Reputation:

Participating in our Accessible Qualified Program can enhance your business reputation, signalling a commitment to inclusivity and quality service for all guests.

6. Enhanced Guest Satisfaction:

Fulfilling our requirements guarantees a more comfortable stay for guests with disabilities, resulting in increased satisfaction and positive reviews.

7. User-Driven Benchmarking Standards:

Our Accessible Qualified Program was collaboratively developed with input from our end users, our followers, who have firsthand knowledge of their needs as a traveller with a disability.

This program offers you the assurance that your services meet the specific criteria desired by these travellers, ensuring peace of mind for both you and your guests.

8. Marketing Promotional Advantage:

The Accessible Qualified Program serves as a valuable marketing asset, enabling tourism providers to showcase their commitment to accessibility, thus strengthening your appeal to a diverse clientele. Participants receive a sticker for their business entrance, a certificate, and digital assets.

9. Social Responsibility (ESG):

The Accessible Qualified Program aligns with social responsibility goals, demonstrating a commitment to equality and inclusivity, which can resonate well with socially conscious travellers. For organisations wishing to secure Environmental, social and governance (ESG), participation is a key advantage.

10. Grant Application Benefits:

Government grants are occasionally available for businesses to enhance accessibility. Being ‘Accessible Qualified’ may improve your status and value proposition when applying for government grants.


There are  three tiers:


Accessible Tourism Accreditation Program
accessible qualified program for tourism industry

In late 2024, we are introducing three more tiers; vision, hearing and sensory (autism) assisted.