Accessible Accommodation Booking Service

Booking Service

Short to Medium Term Accessible Accommodation Curated For Your Participants Unique Needs

The RIGHT place at the BEST rate

No more hoping for the best that a property is in fact accessible. No more hours and hours sourcing the right accommodation that meets your participant's unique needs. Accessible Accommodation now helps make it far simpler. With trustworthy & qualified accessible options. From sourcing, quoting, securing your reservation and payments, we take care of it all for you. Each property is extensively audited for its accessibility, with over 50 frequently asked questions, extensive photos and (most) with video tours. We have over 125 properties around Australia. With over 17,000 followers, our property owners provide a highly competitive rate which more than offsets our fee which is 10% commission and is added to the booking quote. What your participant sees on our website is what they also see on arrival. Highly Qualified Accessible Accommodation. Accessible Accommodation has successfully completed NDIS verification audit to be come a registered provider. Relax. We've got your back!

Step 1

Submit your requirements & sign our service agreement .

You have the option to browse our listings if you wish.

Step 2

Within 2 to 12 hrs , Accessible Accommodation contact you and provide you with quotes for accessible accommodation options meeting your participants unique needs.

Step 3

You accept the quote that suits.

Accessible Accommodation confirm the booking and arrange payment.

Step 4

Reservation and check in information sent to you and your participant.
Our Accommodation provider contacts participant prior to arrival

NDIS Booking Service Request

If you need assistance finding the right accommodation for your client then please complete the form below, detailing your accommodation needs and we will endeavour to find suitable accommodation for you.

In addition, you can download the service agreement form by clicking the range button below. 

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