Advertising Package One

Advertising Package One


Objective: Your Property Brand Awareness

You get a 30  – 60 second video outlining your property’s points of difference with short bursts of text and imagery.


  • Posted to Facebook Page (0ver 13,000 followers).
  • Posted on our Facebook Group (over 8,500 members)
  •  Posted in the weekly newsletter.(Over 5,500 subscribers, 40% average open rate) as a static image advert.
  • Posted on Instagram (over 3100 followers).
  • Posted on LinkedIn Group (0ver 2,300 Disability Industry decision makers).
  • Placed on our main landing page for one week.

Note, our research shows that for maximum impact, a video is best with no sound and less than one-minute duration.

Package Cost: $499.00 (plus GST)

Please complete the form below. All we need are the key messages and images you would like us to use. It will take 5 to 10 minutes to complete

IMPORTANT: Remember, our audience are far more interested in whether they can get in and out of the shower than a gorgeous view. Please keep this in mind when filling in the form below. When you submit the form we will send you an invoice for payment.