Tourism Industry Workshops

Curated Workshops and Seminars

The Accessible Group conducts curated Tourism Industry Workshops and Seminars, for tourism operators to capture a booming travel sector.

These workshops can work in tandem with our Inclusion Training Workshops and our Accessibility Consulting Service. Kerry can also present at your public speaking engagements.

In 2023, the following tourism bodies and businesses engaged The Accessible Group in seminars:

The tourism industry is a vibrant and ever-evolving sector that plays a significant role in the global economy. It encompasses a wide range of businesses, including hotels, restaurants, experiences, and wellness facilities. Kerry Williams, a leading figure in the accessible travel industry, presents curated workshops for the tourism industry, focusing on accessible tourism. In these workshops, Kerry emphasizes the importance of accessibility for businesses and provides practical insights into making accommodations and experiences more welcoming for individuals with disabilities.

Kerry Williams, through her workshops, aims to help businesses in the tourism industry embrace accessibility and cater to a growing market of travellers with disabilities. Some of the key aspects of Kerry’s workshops include: The Business Case for Accessible Tourism: Kerry highlights that making a business accessible can significantly increase revenue. With approximately 19% of Australians living with a disability and 25% being retirees who currently or will need accessibility assistance in the future, there is a substantial market to tap into.
  • Understanding Disability
  • Where to Start and How to Plan: Kerry offers practical guidance on initiating accessibility improvements, some of which can be implemented immediately at little or no cost. This approach ensures that businesses can start their accessibility journey without a substantial financial burden and add features over time.
  • Easy Wins: Kerry emphasizes that accessible tourism isn’t just about building ramps and lifts. She shares strategies and ideas for achieving quick wins in improving accessibility and enhancing the guest experience.
  • Marketing to People with Disabilities.
  • Employing People with Disabilities
Additionally, the tourism industry at large recognizes the economic benefits of accessibility. Seminars like “Breaking Barriers” organized by the Victorian Tourism Industry Council and the City of Melbourne focus on how businesses can improve accessibility to grow their profits and reach a more diverse audience. This seminar encourages discuss

Kerry Williams is not only a passionate advocate for accessible tourism but also a sought-after speaker in the industry. Kerry’s presentations include topics such as, “Yes, accessibility can be beautiful and functional at the same time”, or the financial and social benefits such as her recent seminar, “Profit AND Purpose: The Dual Benefits of Accessible Tourism,” which underscores the idea that accessibility is not only morally right but also financially rewarding for businesses in the tourism sector.

Accessible tourism is gaining momentum as businesses in the industry recognize its significance in terms of revenue growth and social responsibility. Kerry Williams’ curated workshops and seminars, demonstrate the positive impact accessibility can have on the tourism space. Seminars often feature one of Accessible Accommodation’s 35,000 followers and subscribers, as well as other experts in the accessible tourism space.