Blog Post Package

We write a blog entry for you.

Objective: Blog posts have multiple benefits.

Blog posts can be used to promote your property or business in a number of ways and also have a number of side benefits.

1. They allow you to take the reader on a journey of the type of holiday they will get to experience with you.

2. Blog posts are easier to share among friends and family.

3. The posts remain on the Internet and therefore can draw guests over a much longer period. In fact, blog posts tend to increase in hits than decrease over time.

4. They allow you to share newsworthy events and reinvigorate our followers to participate.

So, if you’ve recently renovated, have an event nearby, or wish to educate our followers on your unique offering, this option is ideally suited.

You don’t have to be a Hemingway. Kerry (the owner of Accessible Accommodation) writes blogs for other businesses. She will take your messaging and turn it into content that will achieve the above goals.

Example here

Package Cost:

$699.00 Accessible Accommodation (30,500 followers)

$299 Accessible Experiences (13,224 followers)

(Note plus GST)

Please complete the form below.  We write the content using your guidelines for you.

We will send you an invoice separately.

What to expect: 

  1. The blog is posted to Facebook immediately and recurs 12 weeks later.
  2. It is also posted to various Facebook groups.
  3. The blog is posted on our website as a featured blog and added to your listing page. 
  4. The Blog is featured in our EDM (Newsletter).
  5. After about a month google indexes the content, resulting in a lasting advertising tool in google SEO.