Review Reach and Engagement Package

Review Package

Promote what others are saying about you

Objective: Reach and Engage followers – reassurance a guest has had a great experience or stay.

Remember, people with disabilities are risk-averse, so hearing someone have a great time at your business, means they can too.

You get a customised static advert that highlights a positive review. This can be from any source, as long as it’s genuine.

  • Posted to Facebook (page & group), your listing page and Instagram.
  • Placed on our main landing page as “Review of the Week” for one week.
  • Added to our fortnightly newsletter.
  • Placed on your listing page.
Example below.

Package Cost:


Please complete the form below.  We write the content using your guidelines for you.

We will send you an invoice separately.

What to expect: 

  1. The review is posted to Facebook and Instagram immediately, with a follow-up 6 weeks later.
  2. It is also posted to various Facebook groups.
  3. The review is posted on our website as featured and added to your listing page.
  4. The review is highlighted in our next newsletter.